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Handpicked consultants ensure optimal development and co-operation

It is essential to Presys A/S's customers that our consultants are in possession of professional expertise, flexibility, analytical skills, professional breadth of view, and experience in all the phases of the project. Thus, it is ensured that a project is developed in accordance with the requirements of the company and is not only shaped according to the consultants' professional expertise. The consultants are selected so that they without problems are able to meet these requirements by fast and easy integration into the procedures and culture of the company.

Advantages of consulting services
The use of consultants provides many advantages, which ensure optimal system development:
  • The company gets flexible IT functions, which is adjustable to peak periods
  • The company gets access to Presys expertise from more than 25 consultants
  • The company avoids expenses for sickness, vacation, advertising, employment, education etc

In connection with the implementation of a system, Presys has solid experience in the transfer of the system from consultants to the employees of the customer. Presys also offers direct support and maintenance of the system

Our consultants are experts
Having more than 25 consultants provides Presys A/S with great experience in project management, planning, and system development, and we have certified experts within several platforms. See the System development section.

Future-oriented solutions and improved competitiveness
Presys A/S creates future-oriented solutions based on the company's present requirements. Internal and external communication by means of Internet/intranet is a central success parameter, which improves the competitiveness of the company, eases the day-to-day work, and optimizes the use of databases. Our consultants can develop Internet/intranet solutions, which:
  • Support online business transactions Give access to all databases of the company in respect of reading as well as up-dating
  • Give access to a combination of information from different databases, e.g. Oracle, DB2 and MS-SQL, without the user knowing the origin of the information
  • strengthen the co-operation between the company, its suppliers, distributors, and customers, with successive faster shift of competition parameter such as price, product, or place
  • give universal access to information and application to all employees
  • decrease the costs of distribution of applications and management
  • ease the communication between the employees
Solutions can be based on
  • Java 2 Enterprise Edition
  • EJB
  • Applets
Presys is experienced in
  • Application servers
    • WebSphere
    • WebLogic
    • Oracle Internet Application
    • Server 8i
    • IAS (Inprise)
  • Operative systems
    • Solaris
    • NT/2000
    • Linux
    • Unix

See Cases for more details.

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