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BRM Framework Whitepaper 
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On Business Relationship Management, On BRM, is a totally Internet based comprehensive suite of solutions that streamlines the handling of your organizationís internal and external workflows focusing on the customers and partners.

On BRM assists your organization in fulfilling the vision of a connected workplace: Connecting employees to customers and partners, connecting employees to information, and connecting the internal and external systems that make your business run - regardless of platform and programming language.

On BRMís purpose is to:

  • Leverage existing IT assets
  • Enable responsive and efficient collaboration between external and internal business processes despite an uneven technological development
  • Cover the entire business process life cycle from end to end in a global world, but on a local basis
  • Respond adaptively and rapidly to business changes
  • Assist a stepwise deployment
  • Offer responsiveness with real-time visibility and access 24x7
  • Provide scalability
  • Provide state-of-the-art security.

These points are the eight main imperatives for the choice of IT architecture and design of On BRM.

Large corporations have made significant investments in three main areas of assets:

  • Business process modelling
  • Workforce management and training
  • IT system development and deployment.

Often IT projects are budgeted as one-time expenses but the costs of software maintenance such as extending, integrating, and managing applications are significant. Over time these costs even tend to increase to a bigger percentage of the IT budget than new application development. When maintenance costs exceeds new software investments, productivity growth decreases and an organizationís competitive power also decreases. But such investments can also yield unprecedented returns when combined and utilized effectively and therefore On BRM is designed to support the execution of best-in-class business process models in collaboration with existing IT systems. For that reason On BRM offers:

  • Interface-centric architecture based on SOA and the Web service stack
  • Process- and task-oriented approaches based on project management components
  • Several hundred best-in-class designed business components, utilizing more than 175 database tables, containing all the important business services required for business relationship management in a modern organization, whether private, public or governmental
  • A design of the components that is focused on re-use of existing IT and business assets
  • Adaptive scalability across different platforms
  • Reduced training cost as the users still use the existing systems.

On BRM may be deployed stepwise, and the order of these steps depends of the organizationís need. For this reason you get started fast and maintain your solution within an affordable budget.

Besides On BRM is designed for low total cost of ownership and ensures a rapid return of investment.

On BRM consists of a several independent but connected business modules providing improved sales and service profitability by putting your customers and partners at the center of your business. The modules are built upon best practices within:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Supply and Trading
  • HR.

On BRM quickly and accurately maps organizational hierarchies, including multiple departments and complex business process.

On BRM integrates seamlessly with all solutions build on .Net, J2EE, integrating with an application server such as WebSphere and WebLogic or using Web services.

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